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Purple Pigpen

Grunts & Squeals

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I live in Alabama. I speak very southern. I am a RN.
I love Star Trek, WLIIA, Barry Manilow,due South,penguins,pigs,dogs,purple,cats.
GLEE! Leverage!
I am married to a man who adores me. (hubby)
I have a 26 year old daughter I call Piglet.
My kindred spirit lives in Vancouver ALL HAIL QOATG!

Become an Honourary Canadian....and learn to add extraneous U's to all words *g*

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Mindy is a wife, mother, nurse, friend and totally unique individual. She loves science fiction, particularly anything Star Trek. Her goal in life is to just get through it with a smile and a laugh. She welcomes any and all to join her on the journey. Classified by own daughter as a sarcastic optimist!
Strengths: Loyalty, faithfulness, sense of humor, open-mindedness.
Weaknesses: Slothfulness, mediocrity.
Special Skills: Large shoulder, other skills only available for hubby to enjoy.
Weapons: Sarcastic mouth

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